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The Born ID is a multi-disciplinary creative studio based in New York & Madrid working worldwide. Founded by cousins Lara & Greta Born, the agency works across the fields of beauty, fashion, interior, hospitality and culture.

From the initial stages of conceptualizing brand identity to the intricacies of website design, the agency's methodology is rooted in storytelling. This commitment extends to the realms of social media management, photography, and event/interior design, where every creative decision is thoughtfully made to enhance and articulate the brand's unique story.

Talk to us. We’d love to hear your story. We’ll combine strategic thinking with visual design and take your project to the next level.


Branding & Identity.
Print & Editorial Design.
Website Design.
Social Media.
Art Direction.
Events & Interior Design.

Based in New York & Madrid

working worldwide.

Every story deserves to be told. We would love to hear yours!

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