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CLIENT: Tail Of The Whale, Punta Mita.

SCOPE OF WORK: Creative Consulting · Branding · Brand Architecture · Merchandise · Communication · Brand Storytelling.

The Tail of the Whale stands proudly as one of the most iconic par 3 holes globally, nestled within the Pacifico Golf Course in Punta Mita. This renowned signature hole, meticulously crafted by Jack Nicklaus, not only graces the course with its legendary status but also claims the distinction of being the sole natural green island on the planet. Embark on a true bucket-list experience, where golf enthusiasts can savor the breathtaking beauty and challenge of this extraordinary golfing gem.

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Tail of the Whale is strongly committed to helping the environment and works in conjunction with Fundacion DINE Punta Mita for it’s sustainability project: ECOTOW. This collaboration focuses on eliminating single use plastic bottles in Punta Mita destination as well as educating and supporting the local community in best recycling practices.

This project focuses on creating a strong brand identity for Tail of the Whale and ECOTOW, two brands that co-exist in harmony within the Punta Mita brand.

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